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Kitchen Appliance Cleaning at a Tri-State Area Hospital - A Before and After Showcase

At Clark Services Group, we understand that a clean kitchen is the heart of any hospital, ensuring safety, hygiene, and operational efficiency. Recently, our skilled team had the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in kitchen appliance cleaning at a Philadelphia hospital. This effort was not only about restoring cleanliness but also about ensuring compliance with the rigorous standards set by The Joint Commission and the Department of Health inspections.

Project Overview

Our project involved the thorough cleaning of a commercial kitchen oven that had accumulated grease, food residue, and grime over time. These conditions can compromise appliance efficiency and pose significant health and safety risks.

Before the Cleaning

Initially, the oven exhibited layers of burnt-on grease and carbon deposits, significantly affecting its performance and increasing the risk of fire hazards. Such conditions can also lead to negative outcomes in health inspections and surveys by The Joint Commission (see Before Photo).

Our Cleaning Process

Our team employed specialized cleaning solutions and techniques designed to meet the high standards required in hospital environments. The process included:

  • Dismantling removable parts for comprehensive cleaning.

  • Using non-toxic, eco-friendly degreasers to dissolve stubborn residues.

  • Scrubbing and deep cleaning each component to restore its pristine condition.

  • Performing final sanitation to ensure compliance with healthcare hygiene standards.

After the Cleaning

The transformation was impressive, with the oven's interior regaining its shine and functionality, crucial for passing The Joint Commission surveys and Department of Health inspections (see After Photo). This restoration enhances efficiency, extends the lifespan of the appliance, and ensures it meets the daily demands of a busy hospital kitchen.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of kitchen appliances is critical in hospital settings to avoid health hazards and ensure adherence to health regulations. Our services are tailored to provide peace of mind, knowing that kitchen hygiene is managed to the highest professional standards, helping facilities pass health inspections and surveys with flying colors.


Clark Services Group is committed to delivering high-quality cleaning and maintenance services that contribute to safer, more efficient hospital operations. Our recent project at the Philadelphia hospital exemplifies how professional cleaning can address the stringent requirements of health inspections and The Joint Commission surveys. For more information about our services and how we can assist your facility, please visit our website or contact us directly.

For a detailed overview of our appliance cleaning and other services, please visit Clark Services Group.

Before Cleaning:

Clark Services Group Joint Commission Survey Appliance Cleaning Before Photo
Clark Services Group Joint Commission Survey Appliance Cleaning Before Photo

After Cleaning:

Clark Services Group Department of Health Appliance Cleaning After Photo
Clark Services Group Department of Health Appliance Cleaning After Photo

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