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Appliance Cleaning Services

Clark Services Group offers comprehensive cleaning services for hospital appliances, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and operational efficiency. Our services range from surface cleaning to deep cleaning, tailored to meet the specific needs of hospital environments.

Surface Cleaning

  • What We Do: Clean the exterior surfaces of appliances, removing visible dirt and maintaining a neat appearance.

  • Exclusions: Does not include burnt-on grease removal, cooking surfaces, or pulling out appliances for side cleaning.

  • Upsells:

    • Pulling out appliances to clean the sides

    • Cleaning under appliances

    • Extending backsplash cleaning to the floor

Deep Cleaning

  • What We Do: Comprehensive cleaning of appliances inside and out, including the removal and degreasing of grills and cast pieces, scrubbing of non-removable flat tops and grills, and fryer cleaning (customer to empty and refill).

  • Exclusions: Burnt-on grease removal is not standard (special contract terms apply).

  • Upsells:

    • Specialized burnt-on grease removal

    • Cleaning of gas pipes and specialized appliances like pizza ovens

    • Floor cleaning under appliances

    • Full backsplash cleaning

Add-On Services

  • Carts and wheel cleaning

  • Vent, ceiling tile, wall, and floor cleaning

Preventative Maintenance Program Offering weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual preventative maintenance programs to ensure your appliances are always in top condition and meet health standards.

Meeting Industry Standards: Department of Health & The Joint Commission Compliance

Clark Services Group ensures that all our appliance cleaning services in hospitals meet the rigorous standards set by the Department of Health and The Joint Commission. Our thorough cleaning processes are designed to comply with these organizations' guidelines, ensuring not only a clean and safe environment for patients and staff but also adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Department of Health Compliance: We understand the critical nature of hygiene in hospital settings and work diligently to meet and exceed the cleanliness standards required by the Department of Health. This includes comprehensive cleaning of all kitchen appliances to prevent the spread of infections and ensure a healthy environment.

  • The Joint Commission Standards: As an accredited organization, we align our cleaning protocols with The Joint Commission’s standards for healthcare facilities. Our services are regularly updated to reflect the latest in safety and cleanliness guidelines, ensuring your facility remains compliant and ready for inspections.

By choosing Clark Services Group, you're partnering with a service provider that values patient safety and regulatory compliance as much as you do. Let us help you maintain a clean, safe, and compliant hospital environment.

Specialized Expertise in Premier Kitchen Hood Systems
At Clark Service Group, we specialize in servicing the following top-tier kitchen hood systems:


Gaylord: Known for revolutionizing kitchen ventilation, Gaylord systems are synonymous with durability and innovation. Our technicians are well-versed in maintaining and optimizing these high-quality ventilation solutions.


CaptiveAire: As the leading manufacturer of commercial kitchen ventilation systems, CaptiveAire's comprehensive range of products, including fans, heaters, ductwork, and HVAC equipment, are within our expertise. We have a proven track record of servicing CaptiveAire systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Parker Hannifin Smog Hog: Specializing in advanced air filtration and emission control, the SmogHog systems by Parker Hannifin are designed for efficiency and effectiveness in commercial kitchens. We are PSG certified to service and maintain these sophisticated systems, providing expert care to keep your kitchen air clean and compliant.Our commitment to excellence in servicing these brands reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction in maintaining safe, efficient, and clean kitchen environments.

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